Summary Key Inclusions / Amendments

  1. Inclusion of Trailer for 3.5 tonne Towing capacity and 5.5 metres in length.
  2. Inclusion of Agistment – 3 days at $120 per day.
  3. If Agistment used then this removes any claim under the cover for rental cars and accommodation cover. Either/Or.
  4. Available with Premium Cover Only – extension covers apply to premium cover only and are a value add to the premium cover and all other terms & if not amended herein, remain the same as per the Premium Cover Inclusions.

Policy conditions and exclusions Membership

  1. If you require it, we will provide you with Roadside Assistance Australia wide. Your membership is valid for the vehicle which you nominate to us. Service and benefits become effective in two working days (48 hours) after receipt of payment.
  2. Membership fees are non-refundable, and your membership is non-transferable. We reserve the right to withdraw or withhold services in the event a member is violent, abusive, or attempting to receive service by deception.
  3. If you change your vehicle registration number or home address you must advise us within 7 days.
  4. If you sell your vehicle you must provide us the new members details via email within seven days of the sale of the vehicle. Otherwise the membership will automatically lapse.Coverage and Service
  5. When requesting Roadside Assistance you must provide the correct vehicle details and the exact location of the vehicle. All services will be at your expense if we are not able to confirm your membership or locate your vehicle based on the information you provide to us.
  6. Roadside Assistance is only available on any sealed or designated roads, accessible by standard 2-wheel drive recovery vehicles, that the service provider deems to be safe. Service may not be provided on: open fields; creek beds; parks and ovals; tracks; trails or service roads used for logging or forestry or by electrical authorities; in national parks or wilderness areas; on any public or private property where entry maybe restricted and any other area the

provider deems un-serviceable including some

undercover low car-parks.
7. Roadside Assistance is only provided where the

weight of the vehicle & Trailer (separately, each cover limited individually) are less than 3.5 Tonnes GVM and the length of the vehicle is less than 5.5 metres.

8. Your Caravan or Horse-float that is being towed is regarded as a separate vehicle and we cover this up to not more than 3.5 tonnes.

9. Towing will be provided using the most appropriate equipment available (such as lift-tow or at-top truck) as determined by us. Should Specialised Towing Equipment or Personnel be required (such as power winches, extended cables or hydraulic vehicle moving jack dolly’s etc) this service will be at the driver/member’s expense – payable at time of service.

10. If your Trailer or Vehicle is Carrying Horses, or a Pony 365 will cover the Agistment of this animal (as defined above) to the value of $120 per day for 3 days). Should this service be used then this is in replacement of the Rental Car allowance & Accommodation assistance as noted in the cover inclusions on the Brochure. It is Either/or Agistment or Accommodation &/or Rental Car. All Agistment services to be facilitated and paid for by the Customer and 365 will reimburse the Customer directly for the use of Agistment up to the maximum coverage.

11. You must remain with your vehicle after requesting service. If you are not in attendance with your vehicle at the time when the service provider arrives the service may not be supplied and the cost of the callout will be fully at your expense. Any further call-outs related to the same breakdown will be considered a separate call-out. If 365 are repeatedly called for the same incident type this maybe deemed by 365 as “Use and Abuse” of services and services may then only be provided upon you agreeing to pay. 365 may not elect to renew your membership for the following term.

12. Roadside Assistance is provided in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown. It does not cover vehicle maintenance, parts, or permanent repairs. Temporary repairs may be made at the request of the member/driver to mobilise the vehicle (where able). However, regular maintenance or any mechanical repairs, major or otherwise, is the member’s responsibility and will be at the member’s expense.

13. 365 Roadside Assistance does not guarantee that a locksmith dispatched to attend to your vehicle in all instances will be able to access your vehicle or mobilise your vehicle. 365 Roadside Assistance further accepts no liability in relation to damage caused to a vehicle to gain access caused either by the provider, member/driver or a third party.

14. 365 Roadside Assistance will change a flat or punctured tyre only if the vehicle (deemed to be Trailer Also) has a spare roadworthy tyre. If a roadworthy spare tyre is not available we will tow the vehicle to the nearest appropriate repairer.

15. 365 Roadside Assistance endeavours to provide service as soon as possible in response to the request. Response time is not guaranteed and many varying factors may depend on the estimated time of arrival.

  1. If we consider in our reasonable opinion that you have received (and continue to request) Roadside Assistance or a Tow for a Vehicle on an excessive number of occasions in a Subscription Year, (Use & Abuse) we may refuse to provide further Roadside Assistance or Towing. We may offer an alternative service (at your expense) such as a battery, auto electrical patrol or a tow truck, or charge you a fee at Commercial Rates for Roadside Assistance, payable at the time the service is requested.
  2. The member is responsible for any clean-up fees that maybe incurred by the service provider and their vehicle. If additional service is required to clean-up the roadway this is at the expense of the member.
  3. Once a Tow has been provided for a Breakdown, you must pay for any subsequent tows for the same Breakdown at Commercial Rates at the time of service. This includes towing for a Vehicle that has been Towed after hours to the Member’s Home, a holding yard or other place of safety and then needs further towing for the same Breakdown.
  4. We do not provide roadside assistance to a vehicle that has been damaged due as a result of an accident.Country Areas
  5. Outside metropolitan areas the provision of services may be delivered outside our normal response times due to distances travelled. Services are only provided on sealed roads. Battery and Locksmith services may not be provided in some of these areas due to lack of an appropriate provider in the location hence an alternate tow arrangement will be scheduled to get your vehicle to an appropriate mechanic.
  6. Remote AreasIf there is a break down in a Remote Area, we will try to organise Roadside Assistance through the nearest Provider. In certain Remote Areas there may be occasions when we are unable to find an appropriate service provider to assist the member.In these circumstances the member is required to arrange their own services for retrieval or rescue at the members expense and 365 will reimburse you in line with your cover limitations. All invoices to be sent to
  7. Exclusions and LimitationsThe provision of benefits and services under Roadside Assistance is subject to the following exclusions:
    • Vehicles over 15 years of age
    • Your vehicle being left unattended
    • Your vehicle being unregistered
    • Your vehicle is involved or connected toany form of motor sports

• Any caravan or trailer that is towed by your vehicle

• Your vehicle operating as taxi, rental vehicle, limousine, or hire vehicle including UBER drivers.

• Service calls for your vehicle due to vehicle abuse or neglect (as reasonably determined by us)

Service calls for your vehicle due to failure to use reasonable care with your vehicle or failure to conduct regular preventative vehicle maintenance or provision of inappropriate repair or maintenance to your vehicle;

  • Repeated service calls for your vehicle due to owner/driver faults, or failure by you to comply with our instructions
  • Service calls for your vehicle due to accident damage
  • Service calls due to break-in (or attempted break-in) of your vehicle
  • Service calls due to treatment of non- genuine accessories or inappropriate or incorrect treatment of parts or accessories
  • Your vehicle being immobilised due to inappropriate maintenance, repair or use, caused intentionally or by negligence on the part of the owner, the driver or any other third party
  • Bogged vehicles. Except where access is available and trafficable by a two-wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is necessary. Should specialist equipment become necessary, additional costs are the driver’s responsibility. Drivers will be advised of this condition prior to attendance by our Service23. In the event the member insists the vehicle be broken into to recover keys locked inside the vehicle, no responsibility or liability is taken by 365 Roadside Assistance or its contractors for any damage to your vehicle that may occur as a result. Due to contractor limitations, this service may not be available in all cases.24. If a member has received and continues to request Roadside Assistance or Towing for a vehicle repeatedly on an unjust and excessive number of instances, we may refuse to provide further Roadside Assistance or Towing and will then offer an alternative service at the member’s expense – payable upon request of service.