Premium Trailer Cover

Premium Trailer Cover – Covers Car & the Trailer to 3.5 tonnes – just $239

*48 hour waiting period

Annual – $239

Trailer Cover

Trailer coverage up to 3.5 tonne Towing capacity and 5.5 metres in length. Agistment coverage is 3 days at $120 per day. If Agistment used then this removes any claim under the cover for rental cars and accommodation cover. Either/Or.

Key Replacement, Locksmith Service or Courier Service

Should your key be lost or stolen, or if it has been locked inside your car, we will organise for either the spare key to be delivered or for a locksmith to attend.
Please note, you will be responsible for any costs over $80.00 including GST per event.
If you require the vehicle to be broken into in order to recover keys locked inside we will not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the vehicle.

Follow up

If your vehicle has been transported to a dealer or an authorised repairer after a breakdown, we will work with your repairer to ensure that the vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.

Parts and Service Locator

We will assist you to locate the closest appropriate dealership, service station, and repair workshop, tyre or windscreen outlet anywhere in Australia.

Accommodation Assistance

We will arrange and provide hotel accommodation for you and up to four passengers, for a maximum of three (3) nights at a maximum cost of $120.00 including GST per night. You will be responsible for all meals, telephone call costs and any hotel sundries.

Rental Car Assistance

We will arrange and provide a rental car for you for a maximum of four (4) days at a maximum cost of $90.00 including GST per day. Rental car entitlements cease once the vehicle has been repaired. The driver / hirer of the rental car will be responsible for all fuel costs, excess kilometre charges, toll fees, insurance waivers, insurance excess and damage claims payable on the rental car.

Alternative Travel Assistance

If, following a breakdown, the Vehicle cannot be repaired and hotel accommodation or a rental car are not available, We will arrange and provide alternative transport where possible for the you and up to four (4) passengers traveling in the Vehicle to return home or to their intended destination. We would be responsible for maximum cost of $100.00 including GST per person.

Vehicle Recovery Assistance

When your vehicle has been repaired after a breakdown, we can arrange for delivery of the Vehicle to the your home or intended destination. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for you to return to the repaired Vehicle. All costs associated with this service will be the responsibility of the Customer.


Wherever possible, we will fix all of the usual causes of breakdown related problems such as flat tyres and flat batteries.
If major parts or factory diagnostics technology is needed, we will relocate your car to the nearest approved repairer for further investigation.

Technical advice
Our trained assistance team will provide over-the-phone advice relating to getting your car back on the road.
This specifically related to any safety warnings or lights that may appear or technical and mechanical information regarding your car.

Battery and Parts Replacement
If a dealer is either not open or within close proximity of the breakdown, we will supply the emergency batteries or parts required to get you back on the road.
If the breakdown was caused through a customer related fault all costs required to repair and the replacement parts will be charged back to the customer.

Emergency fuel
In the event that you run out of fuel – has happened to us all – we will either provide an emergency supply of fuel or transport your car to the nearest service station.

If your car is immobilised or is not safe to drive, we will transport your car to the nearest repairer, up to 50kms in metropolitan areas, and 100km round trip in regional areas.
Should your vehicle need to be transported any further you will be charged to you in line with the attending contractors’ fee. If your vehicle is in a car park and tow height limits are an issue an extraction fee from the car park will be at the members expense.

Accident Coordination and Towing

If your car has been involved in an accident, we will arrange for the transportation of the vehicle to the nearest approved repairer or a repairer of your preference.
All costs associated with the towing and transportation of the vehicle will be charged to the customer.
We will provide advice on the appropriate information required from the other parties involved in the accident, such as their name, address, contact numbers, vehicle registrations, insurance details and any witness details.

24hr Hotline

1300 302 500

Call for assistance: 24hr / 365 days

  • "They changed my tyre and I did not have to get wet."

    Joan Patterson, Bathurst NSW
    I hit a pot hole in the rain and called 365 Roadside Assistance. They changed my tyre and I did not have to get wet.
  • “Within 30 minutes I was able to get going.”

    Jason Poole, Merewether NSW
    I was on the way to an appointment and battery was flat. Called 365 Roadside Assistance and within 30 minutes I was able to get going.